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Geologic Publications for Mount Rainier and Vicinity

Geologic Publications for Mount Rainier and Vicinity

The goal of this page is to have an easy-to-use, online, accessible, and searchable archive of geologic research related to Mount Rainier and the surrounding area. This list is constantly being updated as I am finding more and more articles and documents about Mount Rainier. If you find something interesting, please send it to me! (scott_beason *at* nps.gov). If you find mistakes, please let me know too.

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Leveraging lessons learned to prevent future disasters - insights from the 2013 Colombia-US binational exchange
C.L. Driedger, M. Calvache, G.P. Cortes, J.W. Ewert, J. Montoya, A.B. Lockhart, R.H. Allen, D.C. Banks, S.R. Beason, H.T. Bocanegra, F. Burkhart, K.D. Bustad, J.A. Gallego, Z.D. Gibson, F.R. Giraldo, C. Gutierrez, J.I. Quintero, E. Rodriguez, J.D. Schelling, M.R. Scott

Journal of Applied Volcanology
Volume: 9, Number: 3
2020 Click for the PDF of this report
Lessons learned from a bi-national exchange between Colombia and the United States: Real-life emergency planning and preparedness from a worst-case scenario
S.R. Beason, C.L. Driedger, A.B. Lockhart, J.D. Schelling, Z.D. Gibson, F. Burkhart, D.C. Banks, K.D. Bustad, R.H. Allen, M.R. Scott

Paper No. 124-11 - Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs Volume: 46, Number: 6
Volume: 46, Number: 6
2014 You must be logged in to view this PDF