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NOTE: The data shown here is based on the 2021 glacier update at Mount Rainier, and should be considered the most up-to-date data on glaciers at the park (2023-04-06).

Glacier Statistics as of 2021

This page allows you to view overall glacier information for the entire park as well as details about individual glaciers. It contains information from 1896 to 2021 and is the most up-to-date information about glaciers at Mount Rainier National Park.

Overall Statistics for the Entire Park
YEAR EXTENT, Square Kilometers (km2) EXTENT, Square Miles (mi2) VOLUME, Cubic Kilometers (km3) VOLUME, Cubic Miles (mi3)
1896 129.3076 49.9259 7.2586 1.7414
1913 111.9504 43.2243 5.7608 1.3821
1971 91.5827 35.3603 4.5255 1.0857
1994 89.8820 34.7036 4.4631 1.0707
2009 80.2221 30.9739 3.8900 0.9333
2015 78.7580 30.4086 3.6915 0.8856
2021 75.4956 29.1490 3.5162 0.8436

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