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Mount Rainier: Learning to live with volcanic risk

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Author(s): Carolyn L. Driedger, Kevin M. Scott

Document Type: Fact Sheet 034-02
Publisher: United States Geological Survey
Published Year: 2002
Pages: 4
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Mount Rainier in Washington state is an active volcano reaching more than 2.7 miles (14,410 feet) above sea level. Its majestic edifice looms over expanding suburbs in the valleys that lead to nearby Puget Sound. USGS research over the last several decades indicates that Mount Rainier has been the source of many volcanic mudflows (lahars) that buried areas now densely populated. Now the USGS is working cooperatively with local communities to help people live more safely with the volcano.

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Driedger and Scott (2002) or (Driedger and Scott, 2002)

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Driedger, C.L. and K.M. Scott, 2002, Mount Rainier: Learning to live with volcanic risk: Fact Sheet 034-02, United States Geological Survey, 4 p..