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Mount Rainier: A decade volcano

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Author(s): Donald A. Swanson, Stephen D. Malone, Barbara A. Samora

Document Type:
Publisher: EOS
Published Year: 1992
Volume: 73
Number: 16
Pages: 177 to 186
DOI Identifier: 10.1029/91EO00143
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Mount Rainier, the highest (4392 m) volcano in the Cascade Range, towers over a population of more than 2.5 million in the Seattle-Tacoma metropolitan area, and its drainage system via the Columbia River potentially affects another 500,000 residents of southwestern Washington and northwestern Oregon. Mount Rainier is the most hazardous volcano in the Cascades in terms of its potential for magma-water interaction and sector collapse. Major eruptions, or debris flows even without eruption, pose significant dangers and economic threats to the region. Despite such hazard and risk, Mount Rainier has received little study; such important topics as its petrologic and geochemical character, its proximal eruptive history, its susceptibility to major edifice failure, and its development over time have been barely investigated. This situation may soon change because of Mount Rainier's recent designation as a "Decade Volcano."

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Swanson and others (1992) or (Swanson et al., 1992)

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Swanson, D.A., S.D. Malone, and B.A. Samora, 1992, Mount Rainier: A decade volcano: EOS, Vol. 73, No. 16, pp. 177-186, doi: 10.1029/91EO00143.