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Summit firn caves, Mount Rainier, Washington

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Author(s): Eugene P. Kiver, Martin D. Mumma

Document Type:
Publisher: Science
Published Year: 1971
Volume: 173
Number: 3994
Pages: 320 to 322
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Keywords: impact craters caves ice steam glaciers rocks maps summit craters melting ice caves

Heat and steam from the crater fumaroles have melted over 5700 feet (1737 meters) of cave passage in the ice-filled east crater of Mount Rainier. The caves are in approximate balance with the present geothermal heat release. Future changes in the thermal activity of the summit cone will cause corresponding changes in cave passage dimensions, location, and ceiling and wall ablation features.

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Kiver and Mumma (1971) or (Kiver and Mumma, 1971)

References Citation:
Kiver, E.P. and M.D. Mumma, 1971, Summit firn caves, Mount Rainier, Washington: Science, Vol. 173, No. 3994, pp. 320-322.