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Fostering participation of local actors in volcanic disaster risk reduction

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Author(s): Jake R. Cadog, Carolyn L. Driedger, Carolina Garcia, Melanie Duncan, J C. Gillard, Jan Lindsay, Katharine Haynes

Document Type:
Publisher: Advances in Volcanology
Published Year: 2017
Pages: 1 to 17
DOI Identifier: 10.1007/11157_2016_39
ISBN Identifier:

Studies of recent volcanic crises have revealed that official evacuation and contingency plans are often not followed by communities at risk. This is primarily attributable to a lack of long-term coordination and planning among concerned stakeholders, and in particular, a lack of participation of local populations in disaster risk reduction (DRR). A lack of participation suggests the prevalence of top-down approaches, wherein local people are disengaged or even excluded in the development of DRR plans. It is not surprising, therefore, that existing plans are often non-operational, nor acceptable to the people for whom they are intended. Through an investigation of case studies at Mount Rainier (USA) and Bulusan (Philippines), and references to volcanoes elsewhere, this chapter aims to determine the key principles and important considerations to ensure peoples’ participation in volcanic DRR. The chapter discusses key factors that encourage local empowerment, engagement, influence, and control in development of plans and actions. It adds information to the existing literature about how participatory approaches can encourage contributions by both local and outside actors, the latter providing knowledge, resources and skills when unavailable at local levels. Such approaches promote dialogue and co-production of knowledge between the community and outside actors. Contributions from multiple and diverse stakeholders further enable all groups to address the underlying social, economic, political and cultural issues that contribute to the vulnerabilities of local people. Consequently, DRR becomes more sustainable because local actors are not fully dependent upon outside actors and resources, relying instead on local capacities.

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Cadog and others (2017) or (Cadog et al., 2017)

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Cadog, J.R., C.L. Driedger, C. Garcia, M. Duncan, J.C. Gillard, J. Lindsay, and K. Haynes, 2017, Fostering participation of local actors in volcanic disaster risk reduction: Advances in Volcanology, pp. 1-17, doi: 10.1007/11157_2016_39.