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The Nisqually Glacier, Mount Rainier, Washington, 1857-1979

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Author(s): Christina C. Heliker, Aaron H. Johnson, Steven M. Hodge

Document Type: Open-File Report 83-541
Publisher: United States Geological Survey
Published Year: 1984
Pages: 23
DOI Identifier: 10.3133/ofr83541
ISBN Identifier:

Nisqually Glacier on Mount Rainier, Washington has a long record of terminus position observations and ice-surface altitude measurements along specific profiles, and has been the topic of numerous scientific studies. From the earliest observations in 1857 to the present many individuals and several different organizations have been involved in data collection at Nisqually Glacier. In order to preserve the long-term data, it was assembled and reduced to a standard format for this report. A comprehensive bibliography of scientific publications relating to the glacier is included. Between 1857 and 1979, Nisqually Glacier receded a total of 1,945 meters and advanced a total of 294 meters. Advances occurred from 1963-68 and from 1974-79. Ice-surface altitude changes of as much as 25 meters occurred between 1944 and 1955.

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Heliker and others (1984) or (Heliker et al., 1984)

References Citation:
Heliker, C.C., A.H. Johnson, and S.M. Hodge, 1984, The Nisqually Glacier, Mount Rainier, Washington, 1857-1979: Open-File Report 83-541, United States Geological Survey, 23 p., doi: 10.3133/ofr83541.