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Tahoma and its people: A natural history of Mount Rainier National Park

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Author(s): Jeff Antonelis-Lapp

Category: BOOK
Document Type:
Publisher: Washington State University Press
Published Year: 2020
Pages: 276
DOI Identifier:
ISBN Identifier: 9780874223736

A magnificent active volcano, Mount Rainier ascends to 14,410 feet above sea level—the highest in Washington State. The source of five major rivers, it has more glaciers than any other peak in the contiguous U.S. Its slopes are home to ancient forests, spectacular subalpine meadows, and unique, captivating creatures.

In Tahoma and Its People, a passionate, informed, hands-on science educator presents a natural and environmental history of Mount Rainier National Park and the surrounding region. Jeff Antonelis-Lapp explores geologic processes that create and alter landscapes, interrelationships within and between plant and animal communities, weather and climate influences on ecosystems, and what linked the iconic mountain with the people who traveled to it for millennia. He intersperses his own direct observation and study of organisms, as well as personal interactions with rangers, archaeologists, a master Native American weaver, and others. He covers a plethora of topics: geology, archaeology, indigenous villages and use of resources, climate and glacier studies, alpine and forest ecology, rivers, watershed dynamics, keystone species, threatened wildlife, geological hazards, and current resource management. Numerous color illustrations, maps, and figures supplement the text.

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Antonelis-Lapp (2020) or (Antonelis-Lapp, 2020)

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Antonelis-Lapp, J., 2020, Tahoma and its people: A natural history of Mount Rainier National Park: Washington State University Press, 276 p..