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Implications of the study of subglacial volcanism and glaciovolcanic cave systems

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Author(s): Linda Sobolewski, Christian Stenner, Glyn Williams-Jones, Roberto Anitori, Richard E. Davis, Andreas Pflitsch

Document Type:
Publisher: Bulletin of Volcanology
Published Year: 2022
Volume: 84
Number: 21
DOI Identifier: 10.1007/s00445-022-01525-z
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Keywords: Volcano-ice interactions Cascade Volcanic Arc Antarctica Astrobiology Antibiotic resistance

Glacial environments can have significant impacts on the surrounding landscape and nearby populations when affected by volcanic activity. As such, glaciovolcanic interactions and related hazards have received substantial attention during the last few decades. In contrast, the study of void spaces created by these interactions—glaciovolcanic cave systems—remains underrepresented. This review outlines the global distribution of glaciovolcanic caves and describes examples of both historical and ongoing research advances, most of which are limited to volcanoes of the Cascade Volcanic Arc and Antarctica. Examples range from a largely static fumarolic ice cave system in the crater of Mount Rainier to glaciovolcanic cave genesis and evolution in the crater of Mount St. Helens, where the advancing glacier ice is interacting with ongoing fumarolic activity and generating new cave systems. This review includes various volcanic subfields and also brings together additional disciplines including speleology, microbiology, and astrobiology. Due to the importance of glaciovolcanic caves in the hydrothermal cycle of volcanic systems, the global fight against antibiotic resistance, and their implications for understanding volcano-ice interactions beyond Earth, research on these systems is expanding. Kamchatka, Alaska, and Iceland have notable potential for further studies, while known research sites still hold open questions, including better understanding of the environmental parameters affecting cave genesis and persistence, the effect of glaciovolcanic cave development on underlying hydrothermal systems, and cataloging the biodiversity of glaciovolcanic cave environments.

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Sobolewski and others (2022) or (Sobolewski et al., 2022)

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Sobolewski, L., C. Stenner, G. Williams-Jones, R. Anitori, R.E. Davis, and A. Pflitsch, 2022, Implications of the study of subglacial volcanism and glaciovolcanic cave systems: Bulletin of Volcanology, Vol. 84, No. 21, doi: 10.1007/s00445-022-01525-z.