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The recession of glaciers in Mount Rainier National Park, Washington

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Author(s): C F. Brockman

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Publisher: The Journal of Geology
Published Year: 1938
Volume: 46
Number: 5
Pages: 764 to 781
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One of the most outstanding features of interest in Mount Rainier National Park is the extensive glacier system which lies, almost entirely, upon the broad flanks of Mount Rainier, the summit of which is 14,408 feet above sea-level. This glacier system, numbering 28 glaciers and aggregating approximately 40-45 square miles of ice, is recognized as the most extensive single peak glacier system in continental United States.

Recession data taken annually over a period of years at the termini of six representative glaciers of varying type and size which are located on different sides of Mount Rainier are indicative of the relative rate of retreat of the entire glacier system here. At the present time the glaciers included in this study are retreating at an average rate of from 22.1 to 70.4 feet per year.

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Brockman (1938) or (Brockman, 1938)

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Brockman, C.F., 1938, The recession of glaciers in Mount Rainier National Park, Washington: The Journal of Geology, Vol. 46, No. 5, pp. 764-781.